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I love to plan three to four day celebrations to include plenty of outside activities and parties and opportunities to share special moments.

Options include welcome cocktail party, wine tastings, indoor golf range simulator, golf and tennis outings, hiking and/or fishing and a wonderful rehearsal dinner and Wedding! Conclude with a festive brunch sendoff and everyone will talk about this for years!

For couples who want the full wedding weekend concierge service

Weekend Wedding

This is a spectacular package and your family and friends will be thrilled and enchanted with this customized experience!

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wedding Design & Planning

Blue Iris is pleased to offer you a unique wedding service.  We make it a priority to work with all the wedding professionals in a 'creative lab' environment, alongside you, the couple.  We believe our best work is created when the individual wedding contributors get to fully explore their creative edges.  The beauty of this planning experience is truly the journey which includes getting to know you so well that the wedding that is created could only be for you.

Minted Invitations

Investment Range: $5000+

Investment Begins at $3000

Partial Planning and Management

This package is best for couples who have selected their primary vendors but need support with final design and management.

We communicate with all the vendors and finalize all arrangements so the wedding day will be all that your want it to be. 

Photography: Arla Marie Photography

Photography: Arla Marie Photography

Investment Begins at $2400

You'll Experience The Following

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Jill G.

'I would recommend Sylvia to any friend or family member of mine. She put so much effort and energy into helping us and I felt this burden lift off my shoulders just knowing that she was taking care of the details.'

"I felt this burden lift off my shoulders"


ruben vk.

'More than a special touch of class. Blue Iris Weddings takes great care to make your event flawless in every detail with great care, artistry, and love.'

'Great care, artistry, and love'

rhonda s.

"She is an awesome planner, her attention to detail is key to her success."

'attention to detail is key to her success'

That's awesome!  Congratulations on nailing down your vision.  I'm sure we can team up to make it feel even better. Brainstorming together produces surprising results.  Think of me as your troubleshooter to make sure all the details are reflective of your unique love story.

You are our flavor!  We are all about making guests feel special and cared for.  Yes, the couple is experiencing a significant rite of passage, but we delight in pampering the guests.

Oh love, we will be there for you every step of the way.  If you have a truly modern family that is big and complicated, we count it as a privilege to walk alongside you on that journey.  Families are messy and we are here for it!

The elements of a wedding are vast and completely up to you!  We will follow your lead and make sure it's your vision.  We are experts so we may offer advice but you are always free to say -- 'Heard, but no thank you!'

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We are here to provide assistance in the planning of one of the most significant days in your life.  We respect that responsibility and endeavor to bring our listening skills and fresh ideas.

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