Do we really need a planner in Walla Walla?

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Online resources and sophisticated apps are making today’s couple more able to navigate the complex process of planning a wedding.  However, the availability of information and multiple tools for budgeting and design can often make the couple feel more overwhelmed than assisted.  Here are three main reasons I believe employing a professional wedding planner in Walla Walla is the right decision for weddings of any size and budget.


A wedding planner is able to come alongside the couple in their planning journey and guide them to make the right decisions at the right time.  Oftentimes when confronted with the multitude of decisions, couples feel wedding stress trying to determine which decisions need to be made more quickly.  Added anxiety can occur when the engagement timeline is not long.  A planner can determine what you truly want for your special day and what items can be delegated to others or pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  A planner’s contact list and their experience in working with other wedding professionals also reduce anxiety. A planner will know what to ask each wedding vendor before contract signing.  We are pleased to offer a professional timeline to all participants of the wedding day including vendors, family and bridal party.

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Conversation with a professional wedding planner about your couple journey, dreams for your wedding day, and the feelings you are hoping to create in yourself and others is a wonderful creative process.  Planners can ask the questions about wedding elements that propel design ideas even further.  A couple that has differing opinions about color scheme or style often can align with a unifying concept after weighing suggested approaches.  For example, what is a potential compromise if one partner is interested in employing concepts of astrology and numerology and the fiancé wants to employ high design concepts from the art world.  We could suggest they come together with utilizing rich jewel tones from birthstones and create patterns of 7 (a lucky number) in a modern artistic approach to the wedding décorWedding styling is a significant contribution from wedding planners and one I particularly enjoy! (

Tension between the couple can be minimized with a planner


Competing demands and other wedding drama can put a couple into a difficult position which often results in tension between the partners.  This special time can become just a series of difficult conversations.  A professional wedding planner is trained to be a sounding board and, when requested, can intervene in the difficult conversations. Planners understand wedding budget stress and wedding family drama.  They are good at keeping things objective and unemotional, as much as possible.  Event day is packed with details and this, perhaps, may be one of the strongest arguments for hiring a wedding planner (other terms include wedding day manager or day of coordinator).  Working with the bridal party, family members, and the wedding professionals is complicated and requires efficient management.

Blue Iris Weddings is pleased to offer planning and management services to make your day all that you dream.  Please check out our services page at  We look forward to speaking with you about your Walla Walla wedding.

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